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NovaBright Bluetooth RGB Controller for 12V LED Strip Lights 144W

NovaBright Bluetooth RGB Controller for 12V LED Strip Lights 144W

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The NovaBright Bluetooth RGB Controller for 12V LED Strip Lights 144W:

Bluetooth RGB LED Controller: DC12V-DC24V, 4A per channel, 3 channel in total


  • Bluetooth RGB LED Controller
  • DC12V-Dc24V
  • 4A per channel
  • 3 channel in total
This bluetooth controller is able to control 2 strips of RGB300 or 4 strips of the RGB150. You can use any ipad, iphone, or android phone with bluetooth to connect and control your strip lights. You can find the app in the itunes app store or android play store under "magic led light ble".

After you install the app, you can connect your device to the controller by clicking on the controller name within the first minute of powering on your controller.

Why you should buy from us


  • 4 year warranty. If our LED strip lights go out within 4 years we will replace them for free.
  • Our helpful and knowledgeable staff can give you the information you need. We are just a phone call away.
  • All of our products are CE and RoHS passed so you know you will be getting a high quality product

We are committed to providing quality and service to our customers. You can reach us by email or phone during business hours if you need a custom quote or are unsure about the number or strips needed for your project. We are happy to help and we can do customized lengths and color LEDs.


How To Install


1. Check Devices List on your smartphone. A "New device LED-net-xxxxxx" will appear once this device was detected. Click "Add Device"


2. Click Confirm.


3. Once confirmed, installation will begin.


4. Once installed, you can adjust the setting as you please.


5. You can adjust the brightness level.


6. You can adjust the color combinations and speed.


7. You can adjust microphone sensitivity.


8. You can select the colors.


9. You can select the music.




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