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3 Pack Rechargeable Emergency LED Light Bulb E26 E27 7 Watt

3 Pack Rechargeable Emergency LED Light Bulb E26 E27 7 Watt

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3 Pack of emergency LED light bulbs E26/E27 base. 7 Watt LED bulb replaces a regular 40 Watt bulb

Imagine a situation where there is a sudden power outage at your home or business. How would your guests react? When there is a sudden power outage at a workshop or warehouse, your workers could be put in a dangerous position because they can't see anything in the dark? This rechargeable emergency LED bulb can resolve many of those issues. It automatically turns on when there is no power going to the light. It works like any normal LED bulb when you have electricity. It is just better than a regular LED bulb because it has a rechargeable battery that kicks in if there is no power going into the lamp so you will have light even if there is no power. This emergency bulb works in any standard E26 or E27 lamp. Its great for the living room, hallway, bedroom, storage, garden, restaurant, warehouse, workshop, office, store, and many more.

  • Standard E26 or E27 lamp base, common and convenient. Optical PMA shade, light transmission rate of 95%.
  • This 40 Watt equivalent only uses 7 Watts so you save on energy costs
  • Light body with aviation environmental protection PC material, excellent heat dissipation.
  • 2835LED energy-saving, high brightness long life wick.
  • Built-in long polymer battery capacity high life military grade circuit intelligent control, intelligent and efficient, without changing any of the existing circuit, can be used to recharge your batteries, like usual, and other light switch lighting, lit when power themselves, 4 hours of continuous illumination
Technical Specifications:
  • Voltage: AC85-265V / 50-60 Hz.
  • Bulb Watts: 7Watt
  • Size (mm) 70X120
  • Emergency Time: 4 Hours
  • Color: 70 Ra
  • Environment Temperature: 15-45C
  • Warranty Bulb: 24 Months
  • Quality Control Passed & Tested.
  • Bulb Conform to high standards & strict industry tests.

Please note that these rechargeable emergency bulbs will not work if they are in line with regular incandescent light bulbs. If the other bulbs are Energy Saving LED bulbs then they will work.

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